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T.rex leg breaks

In honour of the endless and occasionally acrimonious debate about T.
rex speeds, I offer the following hypothesis:

T.rex hunted exclusively by ambushing prey from behind trees, leaping
out upon the unsuspecting victim.  This was practical in two ways:
1) crushed victim is easier to eat
2) crushed victim provides something soft to land on (as long as it
doesn't move away in time to save itself), thus preventing fatal leg
In this hypothesis, the long legs of T.rex would be used only for
intraspecific display, to mortify less-well-endowed members of its own
sex and impress potential mates.  We can freely postulate
near-suicidal courtship displays, since there are plenty of those in
at least some extant lifeforms.

But seriously folks, does anyone know whether the broken fibulae (or
other breaks) are more common in gracile or robust morphs?  D.T.? 
(Then again, are 10% of known tyrannosaur skeletons going to provide a
statistically-significant sample?)