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Re: ?New species/genera

At 05:23 PM 11/12/96 -0500, Bronson Barton wrote:

>I'm just wondering if anyone can give a list of all genera and species 
>discovered, described, or changed since that of Utahraptor (sp?).  I 
>haven't really been participating in the discussions, just reading as an 
>innocent bystander, and some of the genera are animals I've never heard 
>of, the last list I've seen is the book "The Dinosaur Encyclopedia" by 
>Glut & Lessom.  I've seen the talk of THE genera list, and I was 
>wondering where I could look at THAT list.

   You can see The Dinosaur Mailing List Dinosaur Genera List at
http://www.dinosauria.com as part of the DOL Dinosaur Omnipedia.  It is also
available at several other websites.  You can also find a list of dinosaur
genera in the DOL Dinosauria Translation and Pronunciation Guide, also part
of the Omnipedia.

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