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Re: Teeth for fish eating, and filtering etc

Martin wrote:

> Hmm but for this to work your teeth need to be pointing in one direction only,
> surely? If your teeth are _splayed_, and you have impaled something, it'll be 
> the devil to get off, no (well I suppose vigorous shaking would work, but you 
> don't know where it's going to end up). However I like the suggestion (sorry, 
> can't find who suggested it) that you can pull them off your teeth with your 
> front claws.

     Why are people assuming that having the fish stick to the teeth was a 
problem?  Fish aren't made of bubble gum.  They are made of nice, soft, 
wet slippery meat.  Why wouldn't they just slide off the teeth once the 
pterosaur opened its mouth, possibly with the help of a little head jerking?  

LN Jeff