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Nitpicky comment (was Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur)

At 05:21 PM 11/13/96 -0500, you wrote:

>(Also, since birds are so closely related to the maniraptors, I do not
>think we can really call the dinosaur extinction 100% - here, at least,
>I think the cladists have a valid point)

If I've said this once... :-(

The word "Maniraptora" BY DEFINITION includes the birds!  It was coined only
as a clade containing birds, it has no meaning without the inclusion of
birds, it has no historical use outside of phylogenetic systematics (whereas
many other dinosaur taxon names, e.g. "Coelurosauria" have pre-cladistic
meanings).  This term should not be used outside of a cladistic context.  If
you choose not to use a cladistic taxonomy, then please do NOT use the word

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