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Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur

John said....
>>  > Loss of habitat variety affects _all_ creatures.
>> Only those that are restricted in habitat.  Widespread species
>> would be less affected.
>Even by the end of the Cretaceous the dinosaurs were a robust group
>exploiting many niches.  They were widespread not only with regard to
>niches within a locality, they were also distributed globally.  So I'm
>not sure what you mean here.
I hope you don't mind me butting in here.  I may be totally wrong here,
but a diverse group of related animals may be highly specialised as
individual species and therefore prone to being severely affected by
dramatic environmental variations.  I am not sure how specialised most
of the dinosaurs were towards the end of the Cretaceous, but I suspect a
large number of them were fairly specialised, especially the herbivorous

Any comments?


Dr Neil D. L. Clark
Curator of Palaeonotlogy
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow