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RE: what do you drive?

Betty Cunningham wrote:

>A friend of mine and I were joking around and decided that the best
>vehicle a paleontologist could use in the field was a Hummer (military
>version, not the comercial version).  That running on any burnable
>liquid fuel, and the winch is what decided us.
>1) What kind of vehicle do YOU drive while in the field?
>2) What would you feel was ideal to do field work in?

I have a Hummer, and yes, it is the ultimate field vehicle.    It will
go anywhere - vastly superior to other 4x4s, and can carry a big load.
It isn't cheap, but the best of anything rarely is.

The civilian version is basically identical to the military one except
for interior finish, and the machine gun port in the top (although you
can have a sunroof put there if you really want).

The other vehicle of merit is the Mercedez Benz Unimog - it is a huge 6
wheel drive truck.  I haven't used one but one of these with a crane on
the back is probably the best thing for hauling out large jacketed