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Re: Ceolophysis ref.

At 10:15 AM 11/15/96 +1030, Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:
>        Does anyone know what the correct ref. is for the reassignment of
>the generic name _Ceolophysis_.  I presume it is part of an ICZN decision.
>Any information on how to obtain a copy of the relevant reference, and how
>to cite it, would be appreciated.
>        As an aside, is the name still attributed to its origional author
>and date, even with the change in type specimen?

   Don't know if this helps or not, but ... from the DOL Dinosauria
Translation and Pronunciation Guide:

<P><B><I>Coelophysis</I></B> Cope 1889 "hollow form"<BR>
<A HREF="../../sounds/c/coelophy.au">SEEL-o-FIE-sis</A> (t.L.m.:
see-LOF-i-sis) (Gr. <I>k</I><B><I>oi</I></B><I>los</I> "hollow" + Gr.
<I>physis</I> "form, nature") (f) named for the hollow elements of the
skeleton: "the vertebrae...with most of the bones of the limbs are hollow,
having large central cavities surrounded by thin walls." The original
fragmentary specimens collected by David Baldwin do not appear to be
diagnostic. E. H. Colbert identified well-preserved skeletons found at the
Ghost Ranch site in New Mexico in 1947 as <I>Coelophysis</I>, and
established the modern usage of the name. Following controversy over the
lack of a type specimen adequate to establish the taxonomic identity of the
genus <I>Coelophysis</I>, the International Commission on Zoological
Nomenclature (Opinion 1842) assigned a new type specimen (neotype) displayed
in the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH 7224), as requested in a
petition presented by Colbert and others. (See additional comments at
<I>Rioarribasaurus</I>.) Theropoda Ceratosauria Podokesauridae L. Trias. NA.

<P><I>Rioarribasaurus</I> Hunt & Lucas 1991 "Rio Arriba (County) lizard"<BR>
REE-o-a-REE-bah-<B>SAWR</B>-us (Rio Arriba (Span. "Upper River") + Gr.
<I>s</I><B><I>au</I></B><I>ros</I> "lizard") (m) for Rio Arriba County, New
Mexico, where the specimens were found; new name proposed for the "Ghost
Ranch theropod" (long referred to as <I>Coelophysis</I>) on the grounds that
(1) Cope's problematic "Arroyo Seco" type material made the name
<I>Coelophysis</I> a nomen dubium, whose taxonomic identity could not be
determined, (2) a petition to the International Commission on Zoological
Nomenclature to assign a new type specimen (neotype) to conserve the
established usage of the name <I>Coelophysis</I> for the "Ghost Ranch
theropod" supposedly would not be successful because a type specimen already
existed, and (3) Cope's material may have come from a location and
stratigraphic horizon different from the "Ghost Ranch" material. E. H.
Colbert and a number of other researchers opposed this nomenclatural action
as unnecessary and confusing, given the long-established usage of
<I>Coelophysis</I>, and filed a petition under ICZN (1985) Recommendation
75E and Art. 79 to ask the International Commission on Zoological
Nomenclature to assign a new type specimen collected at "Ghost Ranch" (the
proposed holotype of <I>Rioarribasaurus</I> AMNH 7224) in order to conserve
the name <I>Coelophysis</I> in its accustomed meaning. Hunt, Lucas, and a
few others later proposed that Cope's specimens and the "Ghost Ranch"
material were taxonomically distinct.  However, the ICZN voted in favor of
Colbert's petition in June, 1996, and the name <I>Coelophysis</I> was given
a new diagnostic type specimen, and added to the Official List of Generic
Names in Zoology.  The name <I>Rioarribasaurus</I> was put on the Official
Index of Rejected and Invalid Generic Names in Zoology, and cannot be used
as a valid name in taxonomic literature. [= <I>Coelophysis</I>]

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