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Bifurcated Nuerals (Joke, sort of)

Can I just say for one moment that I have a new theory about the

After seeing some wildlife docco long ago, which featured oxpeckers
living commensally on big game, I wondered weather pterosaurs ever played
such a role in dinosaurian ecosystems. I eventually came up with the idea
that perhaps the divided nueral spines of diplodicids et al. were
"domatia" to attract parasite eating comensal pterosaurs. I don't think
I'm the only one to have thought of this fanciful (and probably
untestable) idea. I was very suprised to see a few years later this exact
same adaptation portrayed in Dougal Dixon's "After Man". The creature was
called a "cleft backed antelope".

Adam Yates

"What! You're going to go along with one of my ideas? Are you nuts?"