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RE: what do you drive? [JOKE]

Betty Cunningham wrote:

>A friend of mine and I were joking around and decided that the best
>vehicle a paleontologist could use in the field was a Hummer (military
>version, not the comercial version).  That running on any burnable
>liquid fuel, and the winch is what decided us.
>1) What kind of vehicle do YOU drive while in the field?

A early series Land Rover preferably (and not one of the new Discoveries -
they are too expensive and parts cost a fortune) because they are built
like a tank - you can hit a mountain at 70mph and the mountain comes of
worse, they are made of aluminium, galvanized steel so don't rust, can be
fixed with the average contents of a rucksack - eg tea shirt for broken fan
belt etc., you can hose them out if they get dirty as they don't have any
namby pamby frills like fabric seats, if working in a hot climate the air
conditioner (that can be fixed to the roof) is powerful enough to freeze
Africa and basically take any amount of abuse and they look dead cool.
And more importantly I'm a Brit and support my own countries industries! -
Well whats left of them - as Land Rover is mainly Japanese and German owned
these days.

>2) What would you feel was ideal to do field work in?

The above with Laura Dern in the passenger seat (the palaeobotanist in JP)
- as an aside if palaeobotanists look like that I'm moving out of the
vertebrate business and into the green squidgy one!

Oh yes, if I am strictly answering the question what do you drive it is
correct to say that I drive everybody else mad!

In a joking mood incase anybody is about to flame me over the
palaeobotanist remarks.