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On Nov 14,  2:16pm, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

> You are confused. Animals thermoregulate! Giant reptiles might be able to be
> homeothermic by DELIBERATLEY retaining body heat at night, by minimizing
> blood flow to the skin. For giants with high metabolic rates to dump heat is
> merely a matter of flushing the skin with blood from the body core and
> letting the heat radiate into the cool night sky. Desert elephants up to 11
> tonnes do it all the time.
> GSPaul
>-- End of excerpt from GSP1954@aol.com

Greg, is radiation the sole means of elephant cooling, or is evaporative
cooling (via
sweat) significant? This does make a difference as I know of no evidence that
dinosaurs could sweat.

Just wondering..

Tony Canning