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Re: dino extinction

 From: Wayne Anderson <wander@hooked.net>
 > What about Bakker's theory of catastrophic disease? Has this been
 > discredited, or is it still in the running? Catastrophic diseases DO
 > emerge from time to time

Yep, and they MAY *occsioanlly* drive one or two species to extinction,
if the species is already under stress.  But for catasrtrophic diseases
to wipe out entire faunas?  I doubt it.

 >-- e.g., bubonic plague and Dutch Elm disease
 > -- and can easily be selective about who or what they attack.

In general diseases are *too* selective to account for mass extinctions.
(This is, of course, why Bakker suggests multiple waves of diseases).

[Re the David Drake time travel story]:
Could it be overhunting??

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