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Pterosaur extinctions (was Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur)

John Bois wrote (quoting Jeff Polling):

> >    I don't see how that changes anything.  Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs and
> > they were completely wiped out.
> Sorry again.  I misunderstood your point (I am a little slow).  Correct
> me if I'm wrong, but didn't many/most pterosaur species become extinct
> _before_ the K/T?  And isn't accepted that this was probably due to
> competition from birds?  My argument has always been that dinosaurs
> suffered because of new species being able to exploit them.>

Concerning the Pterosaurs.  I believe there was a paper/presentation given at
the SVP about this.  I believe that the apperent decline of pterosaurs prior
to the KT was shown to be more imagined than real because of preservation
bias (there are no Solnhofen/Santana/Niobrara style formations known from the
Maastrichtian) and that pterosaurs suffered the same style of 'fairly' rapid
extinction (I will not enter the debate as to wether it was very or not so
very rapid...) that the dinosaurs did.  I do not have the exact ref on me,
but it is in the 1996 SVP abstracts suppliment to the JVP and I can get it
for you if you absolutely need it.

One more thing though.....  New species were constantly being evolved
throughout the whole Mesazoic that tried to exploit dinosaurs as you put it.
Why, then, did ALL non-neornithan ornithodirans suddenly drop dead at the KT
if the extinction was really due to outcompetition?  And why did plesiosaurs
die?  And why did amonites die?.......

Peter Buchholz

"I just looked at them."