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Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur and also Re: "Wonderful Life" - repeated.

Mickey P. Rowe wrote:

> Personally I don't think you can reasonably act like that question is
>anywhere near settled.  Making a caricature of the extinction pattern
certainly won't help clear the issue.

If you mean graphic diagrams whit the word carricature than thats right.
However such a carricature would show not only the extinction patterns
but also some extreme genera growth. For example you could thake a look
at the genera fluctuation of the known genera in the Oxfordian >
Kimmeridgian - or the Santonian > Capmpanian periods. While other periods
show an enormously decrease of known genera, for example the Norian >
Rhaetian - the Kimmeridgian > Berriasian - and the Campanian > CTP
periods. All the periods of decrease seems to be preceded by  periods of
extreem increasements. That could mean that trough great environmental
changes dinosaurs where trying to adapt to the new developments in their
(natural) habitat and that only a few genera or familys (ore almost non
in the Campanian > CTP ) where able to succeed in this. However, as
George Oslhevsky pointed out to me before the fluctiations could also be
the result of heaving more or less fossilsites from the different time
periods.  Both positions are theoretical and have the same probative
value. In any case it is my opinion that graphic diagrams can show lots
of important information.

With regards
Fred Bervoets