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Re: Chinese assistance

Brian,  you wrote:
>        I am on a mad quest to locate the cities (hopefully by tomorrow, as
>that is when the grant deadline postmark is..) wherein the following
>sauropod material can be seen (and hopefully studied):
>        Mamenchisaurus (any species)
>        Tienshanosaurus ("")
>        Bellusaurus ("")
>        any other Chinese sauropod

Well, you helped me with my souropod cervical vertebrae question. Maybe
I can help you. The Beijing Natural history Museum has either a mounted
skeleton or a cast of Mamenchisaurus (my list doesn't say which). But, in
the same city, the Museum of the Institute of Vertebrate Palaeontology and
Palaeoanthropology has both Mamenchisaurus and Bellusaurus, and also
the bonus cetiosaurid Datousaurus, which you didn't ask for but get for free!
(Another book I have lists Datousaurus as dubious, so you get to decide when
you see it.
        Go to Beijing, O seeker after sauropods...

Best of luck.

Wayne Anderson