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Re: Bifurcated Nuerals (Joke, sort of)

        I will confess that the "pterosaur landing pad" of Adam Yates has
been a
running joke for quite some time among us diplodocid fans.  I am glad to see
the idea inexplicably leaps to life throughout the world.  I'll make sure to
check out Dougal Dixon's book and see how he drew the idea.  As for
testing the hypothesis, its such a great idea that even I would never
clamor for such a thng!  :)

        I agree completely with George Olshevsky that there are hundreds,
if not thousands, of dinosaurs we will never find.  I am just happy that
_Apatosaurus excelsus miniorientalis_ has been described.  A sauropod
that important doesn't come along very often!  :)