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Dinosaurs at Florida's Space Coast

    Cocoa Beach, Florida, surely ranks as one of the most unlikely places,
anywhere, to encounter dinosaurs, but, last
weekend, Steve and Donna Cayer opened "The Dinosaur Store" virtually in the
shadow of Cape Canaveral's Space Shuttle
launch facilities and a mere stone's throw from one of Eastern North
America's premier surfing sites. I visited the Store this
afternoon and examined the Cayers' impressive stock, which includes a
full-size, complete, mounted pachycephalosaur (I
say it's a _Stygimoloch_ [but where did the manus come from?]) skeletal
cast, beautiful casts of Ghost Ranch
_Coelophysis_ skeletons, casts of _Tyrannosaurus_ and _Triceratops_ skulls,
actual _Edmontosaurus_ skulls and limb
bones, meteorites, minerals, Safari and Carnegie models (I bought a
_Plateosaurus_, and I'm lusting after the
_Mamenchisaurus_ model), laminated posters (including a beautiful one of
pterosaurs), books, and lots more.
    Steve, a very personable and enthusiastic fellow, told me he's already
had 2,000 visitors (many from Orlando and other
large Southeastern U.S. cities), and they're grabbing up casts of
_Deinonychus_ claws and mounted mosasaur skeletons,
actual pleisiosaur vertebrae, and slabs of Green River Formation fish
fossils. He's also got wonderful _Seymouria_ casts
that, he says, people like to make into coffee tables. A sculpture of an
_Oviraptor_ guarding her eggs is in preparation. He
also says he has actual fossil _Oviraptor_ eggs, which I cannot confirm.
He's planning cooperative relationships with local
schools and special presentations featuring dinosaur artists.
    The November 16, 1996, issue of _Florida Today_ (Melbourne, Florida)
features an article on The Dinosaur Store by
columnist Billy Cox ("Old? Sold!," pages D1-D2). The Cayers bill their
enterprise as "A Science and Nature Store." Steve
says he has "special connections" with certain paleontologists, cast- and
model-makers (he has, for example, amazing
sculptures of _Barosaurus_ and _Amargosaursus_ displayed for sale), and
Chinese sources.
    Should anyone wish more information, please e-mail me directly off-list.

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