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BEYOND HUMANITY - It's hitting the stores

I beg the indulgence of this board to announce the publication of my new

Gregory S Paul & Earl D. Cox
Charles River Media (Rockland MA)
ISBN : 1-886801-21-5

BH is about how exponentially rapid advances in intelligent robotics may
result in the replacement of humanity by extremely powerful cybersystems
within the lifespans of some living today. Should make the Cambrian Explosion
look like a little bang in comparison. Writing the book I tired to include as
much about prehistory as possible, although some was cut to keep the length
within reasonable bounds. In particular, the book discusses how Darwinian
evolutionary systems both biological and technological are about to lead to
an evolutionary breakthrough into the universe. Aspects of special interest
to members of this board include an extended discussion of how evolution has
worked in the past, including an explanation of why progress gets faster and
faster with time. The section of brain function considers the implications of
dinosaur brain size. In the chapter on artificial intelligence resides a
sidebar titled Robotic Pterodactyls. Speculations on the possibility of time
travel are offered. The appendix examines the possibility of extraterrestrial
intelligence (the conclusion, not very likely).

BH is a fun book, why it even as Calvin & Hobbes cartoons in it! The book
should be available at major bookstores. If you cannot find it on the shelf,
please order it through your local bookstore. For more cyberinfo on the book
you can check out.....

If anyone wishes to post this notice elsewhere, please do so.