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Re: paleontolgist, dinosaur

Stan Friesen wrote...
> T. rex strikes me as being a fairly general large carnivore,
> As to the herbivores, _Edmontosaurus_ was a fairly generalized
> browsing herbivore, while _Triceratops_ may have been a specialized
> browser of some sort. And _Thescelosaurus_ was certainly a fair
> generalist.
> Ornithomimids may have been generalist small vertebrate feeders.

     I don't know if this will be relevant, but an anthropologist at the
Smithsonian (I cannot remeber his name) made the suggestion that most
large animal species that became common during the Pleistocene did so by
being generalists, a good thing since the climate shifts were EXTREMELY
frequent and erratic, and so were able to outcompete more specialized

LN Jeff