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Re: Sauropod cooling

Evaporative cooling is more related to thefact that the atmosphere is
usually considerably lower in relative humidity than the 100%RH drop or
film of water. Thus it tries to evaporate and in doing so removes 540
small calories, per g of water eveaporated, This enormous heat removal
cools the body holding the water. It would work somewhat in a long neck
but the RH would certainly be higher in the inside of the body (as it is
in our sinuses and lungs) and much less effective. IMNSHO.

On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Van and Kathy Smith wrote:

> Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but as I was taking a shower
> this morning I was struck with an idea of an extremely effective way that
> sauropods could keep cool: evaporative cooling.
> For those of you not familiar with evaporative cooling, when air blows over
> a wet body it carries away with it some of the more energetic (hot) water
> molecules leaving behind less energetic (cool) water molecules -- hence the
> water molecules left behind have a lower average energy (or temperature).
> Evaporative cooling is used by humans when we sweat and dogs when they
> pant.  It is also used by humans through "a poor man's air conditioner"
> widely called "swamp coolers" where air is blown over a pan of water --
> although these were more popular many years ago, I saw a modern version of
> one these this past summer at Best Buy.
> Sauropods, with their extremely elongated necks and pneumatic construction,
> would have a tremendously effective evaporative cooling system as air
> passed over the moist membranes of the very long trachea, and, perhaps,
> over the walls of air sacs as well.
> Van Smith
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