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Re: Question after Utahraptor

Debra R Boaz wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Nov 1996 10:19:05 +1030 Fred Bervoets <fb@nrc.nl> writes:
> >I lost the mail but remembered the question so here are the genera
> >described "after" Utahraptor
> <snip>
> <paste>
> >22      SONORASAURUS    [Anonymous], 1995
>          I had to jump in here - "Sonorasaurus" is a tentative name for
> an indeterminate sauropod, probably a brachiosaurid - given by David
> Thayer and Ron Ratkevich of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the
> institution managing the ongoing excavation.
> They
> have determined it is most likely a small brachiosaurid (40-50'), but
> they are still looking for more cranial and dentary material to make a
> determination if this is a new species.
>             Deb Boaz
>             SPS Treasurer and Proceedings Editor

Its indeed "Sonorasaurus"

In Dinosaur Discoveries Issue 1 96 its presented as a
possible hadodrosaur. Sonorasaurus [Anonymous] 1995 [nomen nudum] *
"Sonorasaurus" is the informal name for a partial hadrosaur skeleton
found in Arizona.

With regards
Fred Bervoets