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Re: Millitary assistance?

Roger A Stephenson wrote:

"Betty C.'s question about dig rigs (4X4's) prompted a private response
suggesting a huey helicopter might be a good tool for field work. After
sending that message I give the idea a little more thought and asked myself
a new question.'Has anyone tried to gain the assistance of the National
Gaurd or other such millitary organization in the recovery of a really
important but hard to handle specimen(s), and maybe even ferry the crew to
hard to reach places?'"

In 1979, while I was with the Red Mountain Museum in Birmingham, AL, we
enlisted the aid of the National Guard in the removal of a very large slab
containing a giant, armoured pycnodont fish from the Mooreville Chalk
(Campanian). And, more recently, I believe that Ken Carpenter had help from
the National Guard in removing a rather complete *Stegosaurus* skeleton.

Caitlin R. Kiernan