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Re: Millitary assistance?

Roger Stephenson worte...
> Betty C.'s question about dig rigs (4X4's) prompted a private response
> suggesting a huey helicopter might be a good tool for field work. After
> sending that message I give the idea a little more thought and asked myself
> a new question."Has anyone tried to gain the assistance of the National
> Gaurd or other such millitary organization in the recovery of a really
> important but hard to handle specimen(s), and maybe even ferry the crew to
> hard to reach places?"

     The 1992 "roadkill" stegosaurus from Canon City, when fully plastered,
weighed something like 7 tonnes.  The Army lent a big helicopter (I don't know
what kind-it was a two propeller deal) to get it out of the gulch.  The
weight of the speciemn was near the helicopter's carying capacity, so
there was some concern at the time that they might get up into the air,
start having problems, and have to cut the thing loose (I would not have
wanted to be on the ground if THAT happened).

LN Jeff