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To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: questions for a paleontologist
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[I presume that any replies go to mtplrm35@juno.com.  Don't send replies to
the list - I will just bounce them and send your email address to every 4th
grader in the country :-) I will also refrain from comment on the
vertebratocentric indoctrination of today's youth - Chris]

 I received the following e-mail.  Since I'm not a professional I can't
answer the questions.  If any of the pros want to answer this, please do.
Please identify who you are in your message.  Make sure you cc: a copy to
me, I can use the answers in a movie project I'm involved with.


Dear Mr. Poling:

        We are a 4th grade class at Mt. Pleasant.  We are writing a
letter because we are learning about dinosaurs in school.  We would like
to ask you some questions.  We hope you give us answers to our questions.

        What do you like the most about your work with dinosaurs?

        How do you clean the dinosaur bones without them breaking?

        Which dinosaur is your favorite and why?

        What are some of the tools that you use?

        How do you use computers to help you?

        Where do you find most of your dinosaurs?

        Which is the first dinosaur you found, and  which is the most

        Thank you for your cooperation.

        Sincerely yours,\

        Mr. Jackowski's class