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Re: No dinosaurs in Quebec, Canada?

From: Nick Longrich <longrich@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
 > > Actually, this taphonomy is surprisingly common for ankylosaurs. The best
 > > skeletal material of _Scelidosaurus_, _Niobrarasaurus_,  _Hierosaurus_, and
 > > the unnamed San Diego nodosaurid come from marine deposits. A decent
 > > literature search will dredge up many more.
 >         Is it possible, then, that some of these things spent a lot of
 > time in water? Something like a hippo, perhaps?

Near water, perhaps.  IN is less likely, overall.

Most ankylosaurs do not have a hippo-like rib-cage, which is de minimis
for considering the possibility of a semi-aquatic lifestyle. (Note,
based on Greg Paul's recent reconstructions, *some* ankylosaurs may
well have been hippo-like in chest proportions).

 >... Another obvious possibility would be that the carcasses
 > just hold together very well, and that the huge gut held a lot of gas
 > after death.
Which is also fairly reasonable.

The armor may well have protected the animal from dissociation until
the armor fell off.

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