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Re: Dinosaur species names wanted

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996 13:02:57 -0500
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Subject: Re: Dinosaur species names wanted

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From: Dinogeorge@aol.com
Subject: Re: Dinosaur species names wanted

In a message dated 96-11-17 03:13:02 EST, dino@revelation.unomaha.edu (John
Schneiderman) writes:

<< Wanted: all the species names, author, and year of publication (or site
 reference if known) given for the following dinosaur genera


 Apatosaurus >>

Genus: Psittacosaurus Osborn, 1923
  = Prittacosaurus Rozhdestvensky, 1974 [sic]
  = Proiguanodon Young, 1944 [sic]
  = Protiguanodon Osborn, 1923
  = Psitlacosaurus Zhao, 1980 [sic]
  = Psittacorus Czerkas & Olson, 1987 [sic]
  = Pssitacosaurus Santa Luca, 1980 [sic]
  P. mongoliensis Osborn, 1923 (type)
    = Protiguanodon mongoliensis Osborn, 1923 (type)
    = Protiguanodon mongoliense Osborn, 1923 (type)*
    = Psittacosaurus osborni Young, 1931
    = Psittacosaurus tingi Young, 1931
    = Psittacosaurus protiguanodonensis Young, 1958
    = Psittacosaurus guyangensis Cheng, 1982 [juv.]
    = Psittacosaurus guyangersis Azuma, 1991 [sic]
  P. sinensis Young, 1958
    = Psitlacosaurus sinensis Zhao, 1980 [sic]
  P. youngi Chao, 1963
    = Psittacosaurus yongi Chen, 1983 [sic]
  P. chaoyoungi Wang, 1983 [nomen nudum]
  NOTE: This species has so far appeared only in faunal lists without
description. It may prove to be Chaoyangosaurus (D. A. Russell, pers. comm.).
  P. xinjiangensis Sereno & Chao, 1988
    = Psittacosaurus xinjiangensis Dong, 1987 [nomen nudum]
  P. meileyingensis Sereno, Chao, Cheng & Rao, 1988
  P. sattayaraki Buffetaut & Suteethorn, 1992
  P. neimongoliensis D. A. Russell & Zhao, 1996
  P. ordosensis D. A. Russell & Zhao, 1996
  P. mazongshanensis Dong & Azuma, 1996 [nomen nudum]
  NOTE: The above species was illustrated but not described in the guidebook
to the Dinosaurs from the Silk Road, China exhibition.
  [New species to be described from the Lower Cretaceous of the eastern USSR;
specimen discovered in the Moscow University collection but unlikely to be
described in the near future; R. E. Molnar, pers. comm.]
  NOTE: Synonymy within this genus is organized according to Sereno (1990).

Genus: Apatosaurus Marsh, 1877
  = Apatasaurus Gilmore, 1905 [sic]
  = Apathosaurus Nopcsa, 1906 [sic]
  = Apatosanrus Yadagiri, 1988 [sic]
  = Apatosausus Dong, 1979 [sic]
  = Apotosaurus Sauvage, 1882 [sic]
  = Bronotosaurus Langston, 1974 [sic]
  = Brontasaurus McIntosh & Berman, 1975 [sic]
  = Brontosaurus Marsh, 1879
  = Brontsaurus Stokes, 1988 [sic]
  = Elosaurus Peterson & Gilmore, 1902 [juv.]
  A. ajax Marsh, 1877 (type)
    = Atlantosaurus ajax (Marsh, 1877) Steel, 1970
    = Brontosaurus ajax (Marsh, 1877) Bakker, 1986
    = Atlantosaurus immanis Marsh, 1878
    = Apatosaurus immanis (Marsh, 1878) (incorrectly attributed to McIntosh,
1990 in The Zoological Record 1991/92, wherein it stands as a new
    = Apatosaurus laticollis Marsh, 1879
    = Atlantosaurus laticollis (Marsh, 1879) Steel, 1970
  A. excelsus (Marsh, 1879) Holland, 1916
    = Brontosaurus excelsus Marsh, 1879Ü
    = Atlantosaurus excelsus (Marsh, 1879) Steel, 1970
    = Camarasaurus excelsus (Marsh, 1879) Osborn vide von Huene, 1929
    = Brontosaurus amplus Marsh, 1881
    = Apatosaurus amplus (Marsh, 1881) Gilmore, 1936
    = Atlantosaurus amplus (Marsh, 1881) Steel, 1970
    = Elosaurus parvus Peterson & Gilmore, 1902 [juv.]Ü
  A. louisae Holland, 1915
    = Atlantosaurus louisae (Holland, 1915) Steel, 1970
    = Brontosaurus louisae (Holland, 1915) Bakker, 1986
    = Apatosaurus louisea Gilmore, 1946 [sic]
    = Apatasaurus louisei Coggeshall, 1953 [sic]
    = Apatosaurus lousiae D. A. Russell, 1994 (not 1993) [sic]
  ?A. minimus Mook, 1917
    = Atlantosaurus minimus (Mook, 1917) Steel, 1970
  NOTE: The above species probably represents a new genus of cetiosaurid
(McIntosh, 1990).
  ?A. yahnahpin Filla & Redman, 1994
  NOTE: The above species may represent a new, primitive genus of diplodocid.
An anonymous article in the December 11, 1898 New York Journal and Advertiser
featured the discovery of a Brontosaurus giganteus by William Harlow Reed
(McGinnis, 1982; Breithaupt, 1990; correct date of issue cited by B.
Creisler, pers. comm.), but this dinosaur turned out to be based on a large,
nondiagnostic femur and was never formally described.

Genus: Atlantosaurus Marsh, 1877 [nomen dubium]
  = Atlantisaurus Coggeshall, 1953 [sic]
  = Titanosaurus Marsh, 1877/Lydekker, 1877
  A. montanus (Marsh, 1877) Marsh, 1877 (type)
    = Titanosaurus montanus Marsh, 1877 [nomen dubium] (type)
    = Apatosaurus montanus (Marsh, 1877) von Huene, 1906 [nomen dubium]
    = Brontosaurus montanus (Marsh, 1877) Kuhn, 1965 [nomen dubium]

Other species of _Apatosaurus_ have been named, but they're presently
referred to other genera.