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Re: Millitary assistance?

>Hello all,
>Betty C.'s question about dig rigs (4X4's) prompted a private response
>suggesting a huey helicopter might be a good tool for field work. After
>sending that message I give the idea a little more thought and asked myself
>a new question."Has anyone tried to gain the assistance of the National
>Gaurd or other such millitary organization in the recovery of a really
>important but hard to handle specimen(s), and maybe even ferry the crew to
>hard to reach places?"
>[A few years ago an attempt was made to remove a large slab containing the
>holotype of the Ediacaran fossil _Charniodiscus arboreus_ from the Flinders
>Ranges, with the assistance of an army helicopter.  However the slab was
>too precariously placed to make extraction viable. - Chris]

The early years of excavations at Riversleigh say the Army provide Iriquois
helicopters to assist in exploration and movement of equipment and fossils.
Unfortunately this arangement only lasted a couple of years and now we are
reduced to Bell 47's that are usually used for cattle mustering and cost a
small fortune to hire.

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd