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Re: Word from the sole "non-stealthy egg" believer.

From: Nick Longrich <longrich@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
 > 4) Birds
 >         Enantithornes were the dominant birds, yet they went completely
 > extinct. In fact, only one small group of the vast diversity of birds
 > survived through the extinction event. ...

Actually, the last statement has been seriously questioned.
And, indeed, cladistic analysis of available data, combined with
the fossil record, makes it likely that several lineages of Neornithae
already existed by the terminal Cretaceous.

Still, your general point is correct, the very diverse enantiornithines,
and various specialized groups like the hespernithiforms all died out,
leaving only a small number of relictual avian lineages, all of which
happened to be from Neornithae.

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