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Re: Question after Utahraptor

In a message dated 96-11-19 03:34:13 EST, dboaz@juno.com (Debra R Boaz)

<<          I had to jump in here - "Sonorasaurus" is a tentative name for
 an indeterminate sauropod, probably a brachiosaurid - given by David
 Thayer and Ron Ratkevich of the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the
 institution managing the ongoing excavation. >>

First published, so I understand, in an anonymous article in 1995 in an
Arizona newspaper (somewhere I have a photocopy of this article). If this
dinosaur is ever formally described under the name _Sonorasaurus_, the
authors of the description will be given their proper attribution, of course,
and the name will stop being a _nomen nudum_.

Pretty small sauropod, by the way. Small enough to be initially taken for a

And--many thanks for all the references and new information in your post!