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Re: Furculae [sic]

At 08:28 AM 11/19/96 +1030, George wrote:
>_Segisaurus_ (but may be clavicles)

        The recent discovery of clavicles on the "Headless Wonder"
allosauroid at DNM may cause some workers to rethink the theory that furcula
are neomorphic.  Chure's JVP article (ref not available right now, sorry.
im surprised you didn't mention it, George...) has some interesting things
to say aout the Bryant and Russell paper George cites.  I realize that this
would not fit as well into George's "BCF" theory, but even if avian furcula
are clavicles, I'm sure it won't do irrepairable harm.

>confirmed by Phil Currie). Not to mention _Longisquama_ and _Archaeopteryx_.

        For clarity's sack, lets point out here that George is the only
person I've ever heard who has, in this decade, seriously proposed that
_Longisquama_ is potentially a dinosaur (although he doesn't spell it out
like this, that's what he's saying, as here), or even potentially a close
outgroup.  SO those of you who are about to write in asking about this, go
back home, have a coke, pop some popcorn, watch a little tv.  Nothing has

Is this ok, George?  Have I passed your minimum response length on each item?

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