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Just called Sotheby's.......

I just got off the phone with Lisa Harman (David Rudden's assistant) of
Sotheby's of NY, and she not only verified the report of Sue going up
for auction, but gave me more information as I told her I would be
passing the information to an Internet e-mail list which had several
paleontologists on it who were 'interested'.

  Sue will be up for auction in the late spring of 1997, actual dates
are not yet set as they just got the deal on Friday.  Generally items up
for aucion are on display to the public (admission is free) the week
prior to auction at Sotheby's exhibition hall in NY City but as they
demand to see Sue is pretty high, they may extend this viewing period
earlier.  They expect the skull to be on display (which was prepared
before the nonsense hit) and maybe some other unjacketed bones, but they
are not entirely sure at this time what all will be in the exhibit. She
said they just got the skeleton shipped in from South Dakota.

  Sue is to be sold as 1 item (one lot), not to be broken up.  Lisa says
the New York Times said that the skeleton would be prepared before the
auction but she doesn't know anything about that and thinks that was
just the NY Times.  She said that the minimum bid is $1,000,000+ (over
one million US dollars).

  Interested JOURNALISTS should contact Sotheby's press number at (212)
  Interested PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS (individuals or organizatons) should
contact either David Rudden or his assistant Lisa Harman at (212)

I would advise you not to call immediatly till they have a little more
formalized information.  This was EVERYTHING they currently know.

-Betty Cunningham