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Re: Cladistic Massive Retaliation

On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

> Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:
> > does everyone else.  Cladists end up with real groups.  Paraphyletic groups
> > are not real.

>      If cladistic groups are real, then how is it that all cladists do
> not produce identical cladograms?

        Sauropods being a good example.
        And no, cladistic groups are NOT NECESSARILY REAL! There are
phylogenetic relationships which simply cannot be expressed in the
caricature of cladistics! Clades are human constructs which are meant to
mimick phylogeny as closely as possible, but there are very real reasons
why they cannot actually represent a phylogeny with complete accuracy, and
it's important that we remember that.

    Cladistics cannot accurately represent some phylogenies. Period.

        This isn't an argument, it's just a dumb fact we
should keep in mind to remind us of the difference between what is
objective reality and human construct. Cladograms are the latter trying to
fit the former as closely as possible.