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(chinese birds) Science mag ref

Tuck wrote:-
>The following may be of interest. The full text can be read on-line at
>http://www.sciencemag.org/science/ -
The full URL for the paper (unless this has been posted already) is:-


[ While you're there, you should also look at:
  which is about Sinosauropteryx.  The same issue also has a blurb
  about Dale Russell having problems collaborating with
  paleontologists in China.  The previous issue (or maybe it was the
  one before that...) has Kevin Padian's review of Peter Dodson's new
  book, and a molecular biology paper claiming that reasonable
  estimates of the divergence times between vertebrates and the creepy
  crawly things (excluding starfish and their ilk) at about 1 to 1.2
  billion years ago.  Note the difference between that time and the
  time of the Burgess Shale fauna.  A lot of interesting stuff hitting
  the presses of late.  -- MR ]