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Re: No dinosaurs in Quebec, Canada?

On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Stan Friesen wrote:

> Near water, perhaps.  IN is less likely, overall.
> Most ankylosaurs do not have a hippo-like rib-cage, which is de minimis
> for considering the possibility of a semi-aquatic lifestyle. (Note,
> based on Greg Paul's recent reconstructions, *some* ankylosaurs may
> well have been hippo-like in chest proportions).

        In the Russian Dinosaurs exhibit I saw a mounted ankylosaur, I
forget which one. It looked like it had a big, barrel-like chest, but it
also looked like the upper of the two heads of the rib wasn't attached to
the spine. My impression was that if you did articulate the upper head of
the rib, you'd get a wider chest.

[Possibly _Talarurus plicatospineus_.  That was described as having a
hippopotamus-like chest - Chris]

        Nick L.