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Re: Cladistic Massive Retaliation [Joke]

In a message dated 96-11-20 03:13:16 EST, meyersrt@uwec.edu (Rob Meyerson)
writes (quoting Jonathan Wagner, I think):

>>        The Cladistic Assassin
> Does this mean we'll be assasinating a cladist? :-)

As it stands, the term "cladistic assassin" is, unfortunately, ambiguous. It
could denote an assassin whose weapon is cladistics, it could denote an
assassin >of< cladistics or of cladists, or it could denote some feature of
cladistics that might be used in an assassination. It could describe an
assassin who is a cladist. Other interpretations are also possible. I guess
time will tell which of these is correct.