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Re: Toxodon

[In case anyone's curious, I came close to spiking two of the
 messages in this thread as being redundant, but each of the three had
 just slightly different information.  I do think we've had enough of
 Toxodon, however... -- MR ]

S. M. Moore wrote:

> I found a brief mention of a "now extinct creature" labeled "toxodon" in
> a book copyright 1956. What was this creature? Has it been relabeled with
> a different name?

Toxodon was a South American mammal, Order Notoungulata, Suborder
Notiogrogonia, Family Toxodontidae. Pliocene to Pleistocene. It had
3-toed hooves, grew to about 2.7m long, and seems to
have been a mixed browser and grazer living on the Pampas. AFAIK it hasn't
been renamed.

- Stephen Dedman