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Re: Toxodon

[Again just a little bit different, but in Valen's name I hope this is
 the last of them!  -- MR ]

At 08:35 20/11/96 +1030, S. M. Moore wrote:

>I found a brief mention of a "now extinct creature" labeled "toxodon" in
>a book copyright 1956. What was this creature? Has it been relabeled with
>a different name?

Toxodon was a large, vaguely rhino- or hippo-like South American mammal
belonging to the now totally extinct order Notoungulata, one of several
extinct orders of hoofed mammals endemic to the continent.  It dates from
the Pleistocene.  It appears to have been a grazer, with high-crowned
teeth, and a heavy graviportal body with hind limbs longer than forelimbs.
See Savage and Long, Mammal Evolution, p. 170.
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