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Re: Dinosaur Extinction (Again)

From: ljmac@magna.com.au (Lee J. McLean)

>Extinctions will cascade down the food until there is either no life left,
>or the extinction event passes. At the K-T, the event stuck around long
>enough to take out all the non-avian dinosaurs, but didn't go down far
>enough to make it to the placental mammals. Ironically, I think the reason
>that the marsupials were harder hit than the placentals was because, at the
>time, they were more successful. So the placentals survived by being so
>_unsuccessful_ at climbing the food chain.

I understand the _argument_ that animals at the top of the food
chain should go extinct preferentially over animals lower in the
food chain because the animals at the top are fewer in number and
more dependent on those below than vice versa.  However I ask
again, is there any evidence in the fossil record (KT or
otherwise) or in ecological studies to support this argument?


Andrew Robinson