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Re: Request for information on latest dinosaur finds

At 11:21 AM 11/21/96 +1030, Jarno Peschier wrote:

>Preferably I would eventually like to have at least the following
>information on each of these dinosaurs: name, ethymology of the name,
>scientist who discovered and/or named the beast, time periode it
>lived in (T, J or K, of even in approx. mya.), a short description of
>the animal and/or the find (kind of dinosaur,
>carnivore/herbivore/whatever, completeness and location of the find,
>importance for our view of dinosaurs, etc.)

   You can find a lot of this information at the genera level through a
combination of The Dinosaur Mailing List Dinosauria Genera List by George
Olshevsky, and The Dinosauria Translation and Pronunciation Guide by Ben
Creisler.  Both are available as part of the Omnipedia at

   You might need to go down to the species level, though.  Out of
curiosity, List, what was the number of new fossils of new dinosaur genera
found in the last few years, and the number of fossils of new species
belonging to existing genera?

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