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New Exhibition of Original Dinosaur Publications

The Linda Hall Library has just opened an exhibition called PAPER DINOSAURS,
1824-1969.  It displays 49 significant original publications on early
dinosaur discovery and restoration.  The exhibit includes some familiar
items, such as Buckland's Megalosaurus paper, and Owen's announcement of the
name dinosaur, and some that are less familiar, such as Cope's first
published restoration of Laelaps, and Christman's cardboard model of
Camarasaurus.  The exhibition may be viewed in person at the Library in
Kansas City, or it may be visited online, at:


The Web version includes another 35 additional publications, and has
approximately 150 images in both medium and high resolution formats.

A printed catalog is also available; you will find an order form linked to
the exhibition home page.

Feedback would be most welcome, especially concerning errors.  Or if
someone's favorite piece of dinosaur memorabilia is missing, we would be
happy to consider adding it to the Web catalog, if it is in the collection.

Happy viewing!

William B. Ashworth, Jr.
Associate Professor, Dept. of History, University of Missouri--KC 
Consultant, History of Science  Collection, Linda Hall Library, 5109 Cherry St.
Kansas City, MO 64110 

(816) 926-8719 (voice-mail)
(816) 926-8790 (fax)