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Furcula, furculum, furculee, furculahahahahaha

At 11:36 AM 11/21/96 +1030, Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:

>At 08:28 AM 11/19/96 +1030, George wrote:
>>_Segisaurus_ (but may be clavicles)
>        The recent discovery of clavicles on the "Headless Wonder"
>allosauroid at DNM may cause some workers to rethink the theory that furcula
>are neomorphic.  Chure's JVP article (ref not available right now, sorry.
>im surprised you didn't mention it, George...) has some interesting things
>to say aout the Bryant and Russell paper George cites.  I realize that this
>would not fit as well into George's "BCF" theory, but even if avian furcula
>are clavicles, I'm sure it won't do irrepairable harm.

   Ummmm ... I guess my ignorance rears its ugly head again.  I thought the
furcula WAS made of clavicles, fused at the ends to form a V (and fused to
the sternum and scapulacoracoid as well?)


>        For clarity's sack, lets point out here that George is the only

   For clarity's *sack*?  That just struck me as funny, for some reason.

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