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Lightning Ridge

Darren Naish wrote (quoting me quoting Ronald Orensten):

>> >By the Lower Cret, Australia had _Steropodon galmani_,
>> We also now have a second Cretaceous monotreme in _Kallikodon_.
>_Kollikodon_ (nomen nudum _Hotcrossbunodon_ never accepted by ICZN).

Did Hotcrossbunodon ever make it as far as the ICZN? I know that when the
name was first floated in the pub, everyone else pointed out that the namer
would appear to be a complete wanker. I thought the matter ended there.

>I used _Steropodon_ as I thought it was earlier - - it's probably
>not: Archer et al 1985 say that _Steropodon_ is Albian, whereas, for
>Flannery et al 1995, _Kollikodon_ is Middle Albian. I suspect that
>chronology of Lightning Ridge got better between 1985 and
>1995. Anyone have data on the Lightning Ridge plesiosaur? (and this
>isn't Eric..).

The fossils from Lightning Ridge are recovered by opal miners (with only a
few excaptions) and all are working in the Albian Griman Creek Formation.
It is not possible to assign any fossils from this unit to anything other
than Albian because the provenance of each specimen is so poorly known. As
for the Lightning Ridge plesiosaur, which one are you talking about? A
number of plesiosaur specimens have come from Lightning Ridge but none have
received the attention of better speciemsn from Andamooka, White Cliffs or
Coober Pedy.

>> >_Tingamarra_, a basal ungulate from the Eocene, is Australian.
>> Basal ungulate? I thought it was a condralyth.
>'Condylarths' are basal ungulates. I'm playing mammalian cladist and banishing
>the term.

I have to conceed here. My knowedge of mammalian taxonomy is weak. As far
as I am concerned, they are all unprocessed crocodile droppings.

Cheers, Paul

Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd