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Re: Chinese sites

Van Smith wrote:

>To all on this list,
>I will be leaving to China on Thursday for a little over two weeks.  I'll
>be visiting Shanghai, Beijing, and Xian.  I would enjoy hearing any
>recommendations that any of you may have of "must see" places/things
>(dinosaurian or not).

In response to Brian Curtice's search for sauropods, I suggested two
museums in Beijing, rich with mounted skeletons and casts: The Beijing
Natural History Museum (Gasosaurus (theropod), Mamenchisaurus
(sauropod), Shantungosaurus and Tsintaosaurus (hadrosaurs), and
Psittacosaurus), and the Musuem of the Institute of Vertebrate
Palaeontology and Palaeoanthropology (Gasosaurus again, Lufeng-
osaurus (prosauropod), Bellusaurus, Datousaurus, Mamenchisaurus, and
Shuno- saurus (all sauropods), Tsintaosaurus and Psittacosaurus again,
and Protoceratops.  Note that the only one found in the former and not
the latter is Shantungosaurus, so if you can only find time for one,
go to the MIVPP.
        Besides that, the only point of interest my reference gives on
your itinerary is the Shanghai Museum, which has casts of
Tuojiangosaurus, Mamenchisaurus, and Tsintaosaurus. Note that, of
these three, only Tuojiangosaurus is not also found in Beijing.
        Not on your list of cities, but IF you can get to Sichuan
(Szechwan), go to the Dinosaur Museum in Zigong. Its Burial Hall is
built over an exposed rock bed (kinda like the Dinosaur National
Monument in Utah, but an open pit), and it also has mounted skeletons
of Gasosaurus (who doesn't?), Datousaurus, Omeisaurus, and Shunosaurus
(sauropods again), Xiaosaurus and Yandusaurus (ornithopods), and
Huayangosaurus (small stegosaurian).

I hope this helps...