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     The dinosaur book that Mike Brett-Surman and I are editing for Indiana 
     University Press is moving right along.  I hope that the dang thing 
     will go to press by year's end.
          I am sending this message to ask if anybody out there has good 
     BLACK AND WHITE photographs of any of the following people (photos 
     from the field or lab, or regular portrait shots, are OK):
     Sankar Chatterjee
     Dong Zhi-Ming
     Jose Bonaparte
     Fernando Novas
     Rudolfo Coria
     Tony Thulborn
     Ralph Molnar
     Tom Rich and Pat Vickers-Rich
     If so, and if you'd be willing to let us use your pictures in our 
     book, please send me glossy prints as soon as possible.  We don't have 
     the $ to pay you for their use, but you will get a free copy of the 
     book, and it's going to be a VERY nice book, if I may be permitted to 
     dislocate my shoulder by patting myself on the back.