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Darren Naish asked, "Can someone give a source for Greg Paul's recent
mass estimate for _Quetzalcoatlus_ please? Dr. Holtz mentioned it
recently on the list."

(October 30, Dr. Holtz wrote, "Greg Paul's estimates, the maximum out
there, have something like 250 kg for the biggest pterosaurs.")

I don't know that source, but Mickey gave me another source with a
smaller estimate.  That's "Diatoms to Dinosaurs" by Chris McGowan.

McGowan says _Quetzacoatlus_ was originally said to have a span of 15.5
meters (almost 52 feet).  He says this has been revised to 11 - 12

McGowan estimates that this animal "might have weighed almost 200 pounds
(86 kilograms)."  Even this estimate, about 1/3 of the Holtz figure,
perplexes McGowan.  "_Quetzacoatlus_ raises more questions than it
answers, but we can be quite sure it *did* fly even though we might not
understand *how*."

Did anybody hear the recent announcement on from the University of Texas
at Austin on National Public Radio? "The largest pterosaurs had a
wingspan of 9 meters."

If this represents another revision, there seems to be a trend here
which may eventually solve the mystery.  After all, it should be easy to
understand how a pterosaurus could fly if someday it is said that the
largest were the size of sparrows!  ;)

- Stephen Throop