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Re: Military assistance

Roger A Stephenson writes:

>Betty C.'s question about dig rigs (4X4's) prompted a private response
>suggesting a huey helicopter might be a good tool for field work. After
>sending that message I give the idea a little more thought and asked myself
>a new question.'Has anyone tried to gain the assistance of the National
>Gaurd or other such millitary organization in the recovery of a really
>important but hard to handle specimen(s), and maybe even ferry the crew to
>hard to reach places?'

The closest I've come to military assistance was from the Army Corps
of Engineers.  Several years ago, I was prospecting in the Pierre
Shale, along the Missouri River in SD.  Over the winter, a rancher had
discovered a good Archelon specimen, located near the top of a hill
(the fossil crew I was with decided to name the place Archelon Hill,
especially since there were no blueberries to be found:-).  There were
no decent jeep trails into the area, but since the site was located
close to the river, we were able to get the Corps of Engineers to
bring us in by boat.  Since we had so much fun excavating the find, we
tend to look back fondly on "the amphibious assault on Archelon Hill."

Rob Meyerson
Orphan Vertebrate Paleontologist

"If you're falling from a cliff, you might as well try to fly."