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Paleo Thanksgiving Dinner (Joke)


Make your reservations now for this once in a 170 my event, benefiting the
Society for Orphan and Homeless Vertebrate Paleontologists, to be held on
Thursday, November 28, at the Trump Gondwana.

The menu includes the following delicacies, aged to perfection, with no

Appetizers:   Altispinax salad with herbivore dressing, chili con carnivore,
chips and Diplodocus, primordial soup,  Buffaloviraptor wings, Supersaurus du
Jurapteryx, Quinkanaloupe balls.

Entrees:   Turanoceratops with Stokesosaurus-top stuffing, geothermal or
bolide roasted leg of Muttaburrasaurus with mashed Irritators topped with
gastrolith gravy, Chungkingosaurus nested atop a bed of Maiasaura egg
noodles, prime Rioarribasaurus with Minmi sauce, Macruosaurus and cheese,
sampler plate of Pangaea fried fillet of Ichthyosaur speared on Baryonyx
claws, Tyrannosaurus a la king with creamed Gravitholus, large
Piatnitzkysaurus pie with Knightia and trilobite toppings, rack of
Lambeosaurus and horse-Rhadinosaurus, Velociraptor parmigiana with burgundy
Wyleyia glaze.

Desserts:   Germanodactylus chocolate cake, Tirami-Sue, 3-layered chocolate
Torvosaurus, Andesaurus mints, Dutch Abelisaurus pie, frozen candy Baru, Kiwi
lime pie.

Beverages:   Pinacosaurus colada, iced Tenontosaurus, mint Jubbulpuria,
frozen Dicraeosaurus, selection of soft Drinkers.

Note to diners:   Please do not take the bones home for your dog.

For reservations and cost, contact Mary Kirkaldy (mkirkaldy@aol.com).