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Re: Longisquama (was Re: Furculae [sic])

In a message dated 96-11-22 03:35:19 EST, ljmac@magna.com.au (Lee J. McLean)

> Longisquama is a creature that has always fascinated me, yet I heve never
> seen any "hard" data on it: I've only seen it mentioned in "popular" dino
> books. Could somebody please point me toward some good references on this
> critter? 

Here is the original reference:

Sharov, A. G., 1970. "Svoyeobraznaya reptiliya iz Nizhnevo Triasa Fergany [An
unusual reptile from the Lower Triassic of Fergana]," Paleontologicheskiy
Zhurnal 1970(1): 127-130 [in Russian; English translation in Paleontological
Journal 1970(1): 112-116].

And a follow-up study (hope the accented characters in the titles pass
through e-mail):

[They got to me but I replaced them with "e"'s because I know at least
 a half dozen other mailers would have barfed on them.  -- MR ]

Haubold, H. & Buffetaut, E., 1987. "Une novelle interpretation de Longisquama
insignis, reptile enigmatique du Trias superieur d'Asie centrale [A new
interpretation of Longisquama insignis, an enigmatic reptile from the Upper
Triassic of Central Asia]," Comptes Rendus Academie des Sciences du Paris
305, Serie II: 65-70.

_Longisquama_ made the cover of the _Scientific American_ issue that carried
Bakker's famous "Dinosaur Renaissance" article:

Bakker, R. T., 1975. "Dinosaur Renaissance," Scientific American 232(4):