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Re: pterosauria, mammoths

In a message dated 96-11-22 03:02:31 EST, longrich@stardot.com (Nick
Longrich) writes:

>         I recall someone mentioning a while back that some fragmentary
> pterosaur was actually a troodont. Anybody recall? 

You're probably recalling _Ornithodesmus_, a British genus originally
classified as pterosaurian but whose type species was recently outed as a
small theropod (leaving the "true" pterosaur species in the genus without a
pterosaurian generic name). The theropod is _Ornithodesmus cluniculus_; the
pterosaur is "_Ornithodesmus_" latidens. The reference is by Howse & A. R.
Milner, 1993, but I can't recall the complete citation off the top of my