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 From: "Darren Naish" <dwn194@soton.ac.uk>

 > It's possible, at least according to what Jack Horner says, that the
 > hadrosaur _Gryposaurus_ was amphibious. In _Hunting Dinosaurs_ he
 > cites several characters of this genus that suggest an amphibious
 > lifestyle. As all of them occur in other hadrosaurs, though, I would
 > reckon that palaeoenvironmental data would be more telling. A number
 > of hadrosaur taxa are known to have occurred in lowland swamps.

Especially Edmontosaurus, which seems to opccur almost exclusively in
swamp deposits.  I kind of like to think of E. as the Cretaceous
ecological equivalent of the moose.

On the other haned many other hadrosaurs are rarely found in swamp

My best estimate is that some hadrosaurs were swamp dwellers, and others
were upland species (like Maiasaura and Corythosaurus).

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