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Info source request: Triumphs and Tragedies of Dinosaur Paleo

Hey, all. Three posts in two months -- must be a new record for this

I'm approaching the final stages of the kids' dinosaur book which I'm
supposedly co-authoring. There is one chapter which I was asked to
research, however, for which I have not yet found enough solid
information.  I rather hoped that a few of you kind folks would be able
to point me in the direction of some good source material covering
significant (or even just interesting) losses and/or rediscoveries (it's
a lost & found thing, y'see) in dinosaur paleontology.  I'm particularly
interested in finding more information on the destruction of
_Spinosaurus_ and other fossil victims of warfare.

Much obliged!

-Daniel Lipkowitz
-undergraduate filling out application forms. the horror. the horror.-

(Note to Tom Holtz -- Tick reference, eh? Why do so many paleofolk watch
cartoons? I've found myself waking up early to catch "Captain Simian &
the Space Monkeys" (most of whom are apes) of late, myself...)